Digital Brand Management

Metarion™ manages brands from start-ups to the Fortune 500 in the digital environment. Metarion™ also offers strategic advice and guidance to develop and maintain a strong, compliant and secure digital presence of the brand.

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Compliance and Risk Management

Metarion™ conducts risk assessment and audits as well as regulatory compliance audits for its clients. Identifying and managing legal risks includes a combination of practical knowledge, a robust framework and an efficient operations procedure – attributes at the core of the Metarion™ compliance programmes.

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Training and Compliance Programmes

Metarion™ offers several industry driven professional training and compliance programmes for lawyers, practitioners as well as managers and other stakeholders.

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Metarion™: At the Core

Simply and directly put - we protect organisations online!

From formulating a robust compliance mechanism, protecting corporate identity to ensuring that threats do not compromise the organisation; we structure compliance.


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