Metarion™: At the Core

Metarion™ [with the help of Scriboard™] assists organisations with Information Technology Law compliance and advise them on how to handle / asses take down requests keeping in mind the present judicial and political environment. This includes:

  • Information Technology [Online] Risk Management
  • Liability under the Indian Information Technology Act and rules
  • Data Protection Liability
  • Information Technology Corporate Risk Audit
  • Intermediary liability [Handling / assessing take down requests]
  • Drafting policies and developing mechanisms under the IT Act
  • Website Compliance Audits
  • Website Policies under the IT Act
  • Education and Training Programmes on Internal Risk

Risk: Identification and Management

Identifying and managing legal risks includes practical knowledge and a robust framework and operations procedure. We regularly conduct intellectual property risk assessment and audits as well as regulatory compliance audits for our clients. This includes securing intellectual property assets, identifying areas of potential value for protection, understanding and identifying IP risks from third parties and/or employees or business partners.

White Papers...

Please do feel free to reach out to receive a copy of our white papers and handbooks.