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Why is online brand protection important for us?

As technologies continue to grow, the digital face of a brand is becoming more and more important and protecting a ‘brand’ across various digital platforms can be challenging. Further, with the recent amendments to the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000, it has become important and urgent for a brand owner not to delay in securing its brand on the internet. Section 43A of the Act puts the onus on the right holders [brand owners] to ensure that ‘reasonable security procedures’ are in place at their organisation. Organisations including their employees that are negligent in protecting their brand can face huge penalties under Section 43A read with Section 85 of the Act.

What are the important steps in digital brand management?

Our service offerings can be broadly categorised into the following three service heads:

  1. Monitoring & Screening

We monitor the internet for potential threats with the assistance of our state-of-the-art tools and deep web crawlers. Once this is accomplished, the results are then screened and prioritised – according to the potential impact and threat to the brand; along with an opinion advising further course of action.

  1. Management

This service is aimed at consolidating all online brand identifiers under a single portfolio. This encompasses registration, maintenance, management and renewal – if required, of brand identifiers such as domain names, trademarks, social media usernames and accounts.

  1. Enforcement

Our seasoned team of professionals mitigate risks by working around the clock to remove infringing content, products or recover brand identifiers such as domain names or social media usernames from unauthorised third parties by serving legal notices, Cease or Desist Letters, Take-Down Notices or initiating legal proceedings at the appropriate forum or court of law.

Do you have customer service?

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